Record Keeping

As a pre-school, we are required to keep certain records, as outlined in the Ofsted factsheet Records, policies and notification requirements of the Early Years Register.

The requirements and how we meet them are summarised below:

A record of complaints received and their outcomes

Our complaints policy details how we handle and record complaints. To meet the record-keeping requirements, we keep a summary log using the Complaint Investigation Record record book, published by the Pre-School Learning Alliance. This record is available for inspection and is kept on the shelf in the main play-room.

A record of parental permission for outings

At present we do not include outings as part of our activities. We co-ordinate various opportunities for parents and their children to visit different places and socialise together, for example a trip to the pantomime or a sports day in the park, however children are accompanied and supervised by their parents on these occasions. We have identified a need to include outings in small groups as part of our provision (such as to the local shops, or to post a letter). Parents’ written permission for such trips is recorded on our registration forms, kept in a ring-binder in the office. Other field trips require additional permission, which would need to obtained and recorded if planned.

A record of physical intervention

Any incident requiring physical intervention is recorded in the relevant child’s confidential personal file. In line with our policy on Achieving Positive Behaviour, physical intervention is used only to prevent physical injury to children or adults and/or serious damage to property.

A record of all medicines administered to children

Our Administering Medicines Policy details the records we keep regarding medicines administered to children. We use the Pre-school Learning Alliance’s Medication Administration Record book for recording the administration of medicine and comply with the detailed procedures set out in that publication. This record is kept next to the daily register in the main play room.

A record of accidents and first-aid treatment while in the care of the provider

We use the Pre-School Learning Alliance’s Accident Record Book to record any accidents and first-aid treatment. This is kept next to the daily register in the main play room.

A record of information about staff qualifications and the identity checks and vetting processes that have been completed.
This includes a criminal record disclosure, reference number and the date the disclosure was obtained and who obtained it

Each member of staff has a folder kept in the locked office cupboard. This includes copies of their qualification certificates and proof of identity (such as passport or birth certificate). Details of vetting processes that have been completed are also recorded here. Typically these will include checking of two references and a Disclosure and Barring Service enhanced criminal record check. We record the details of who obtained and reviewed each vetting check, the date and any reference number. In line with government guidance on data protection procedures, we do not retain the actual criminal record check report or reference letter.

For each child in our care, a record of their full name, date of birth, name and address of every carer known to us, who the child normally lives with and emergency contact details

This information is recorded on the registration form completed when a child joins the pre-school. These forms are kept in a ring binder in the office.

A record of the name, home address and telephone number of the provider and any other person living or working on the premises

For employees, this information is kept in the respective staff folder, kept in the locked office cupboard. As a pre-school run by a committee of volunteer trustees, each trustee forms part of the provider. The name, home address and telephone number of each committee member is kept at the pre-school.

A record of the name, home address and telephone number of anyone who will regularly be in unsupervised contact with the children attending the early years provision

Our usual operational procedures mean that no person should ever be in unsupervised contact with the children attending our pre-school. However, we do record the name, home address and telephone number of regular volunteers at the pre-school.

A daily record of the names of the children looked after on the premises, their hours of attendance and the names of the children’s key person

We use the Pre-School Learning Alliance Daily Register Book to record the names of children looked after on the premises and their hours of attendance. A list showing the name of each child’s key person is maintained on the noticeboard in the pre-school foyer.

Policies and Procedures

We publish on our web site the policies and procedures we are required to implement and record. Written copies are kept at the pre-school and are available for inspection. They are kept in a yellow folder, stored on the publications rack in the pre-school hallway.

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