Our staff are kind, caring, experienced and highly qualified. Many have been with the pre-school for years, providing stability for the children in our care and helping them to form bonds, while our newer members of staff bring fresh ideas and inspiration.

Pat McGowan headshot Pat McGowan
Eve Ratcliff headshot Eve Ratcliff
deputy manager
Debbie Griffin headshot Debbie Griffin
pre-school assistant
Karen Fleming
pre-school assistant
Leah Sergeant headshot Leah Sergeant
pre-school assistant
Louretta Boyode headshot Louretta Boyode
pre-school assistant
Natalija Rodina
pre-school assistant
Sandra Meloni headshot Sandra Meloni
pre-school assistant


Staff are recruited in line with our Safeguarding Children policy and our Equal Opportunities policy, following safer recruitment guidelines.

Disclosure and Barring Service Checks

As part of our safeguarding policy, Disclosure and Barring Service ‘enhanced disclosure’ checks have been carried out on all staff. A record is kept of all checks, including the certificate number, date of issue, who requested the check and who reviewed the outcome. In line with the code-of-practice for handling of DBS certificate information and guidance for employers, we securely dispose of the certificates and references once they have been reviewed.

In line with Ofsted guidance, we do not routinely repeat checks for staff with unbroken employment. Ofsted consider that such routine checks are excessive and may be considered a poor use of resources.

Our manager Pat McGowan has received a suitable person interview by Ofsted.

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