Becoming a trustee

Some trustees are parents of children attending our pre-school. Others are interested supporters of our work. This page is intended to provide information for anybody wishing to become a trustee of Newstead Road Pre-School.

At present, Newstead Pre-School is made up of two separate charities, as we are in the process of conversion from Unincorporated Association to Charitable Incorporated Organisation. You will become a trustee of both organisations.

The Charity Commission provide a good overview of the role of a trustee.

Before becoming a trustee, you will be asked to sign a Declaration of Eligibility Form.

Once completed, we can help you to:

Basic Information Provided to You

On becoming a trustee you should be made aware of the following information:

Further Information

You may also like to look at the much more detailed information provided by the Charity Commission on the Trustee Role. But please don’t be put off by the amount of information there - there’s a lot to read and not all of it is relevant!

We have a PSLA book Charity Essentials available to borrow in the office. This provides trustees with guidance on their roles and responsibilities, and offers advice to help with the effective operations of the charity.

Through the PSLA, we have access to a number of online courses covering different aspects of the pre-school, including safeguarding, budgeting and the role of trustees.

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